Welcome to Living Fit On Purpose!

Welcome to Living Fit On Purpose!

“She Believed She Could, So She Did”

Hi!! Welcome to Living Fit on Purpose!

My name is Samantha Wisneski, or feel free to call me Sam Wizzy! I am a recent member of the 30 club, have two young boys, and am happily married for almost 10 years to Jim, an amazing man who you will meet also as we share our life and fitness journey with you! Our story was not easy, and it took a ton of sacrifice (unemployment, food stamps, tragedy, debt), but our road to where we are at today has been worth every single struggle financially, emotionally, and physically.

Here at Living Fit On Purpose you will find answers to all your fitness needs: recipes, program suggestions, success stories, meal planning tools, clean eating guides, how to fit fitness into your BUSY life, how to handle PICKY EATERS, nutrition tips, coaching BUSINESS opportunity, and more!

In February 2015, I woke up one day, at the heaviest I have ever been– heavier than during both pregnancies!) and just had a moment of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I was done feeling lazy, out of breath, exhausted, grumpy, HUNGRY, bloated, overweight, unattractive, and like I was a disappointment to my boys and my husband. He never lost his love for me because of my weight, but he (and I) deserved the lively, confident girl he had married).

I laid there at 5 am as I heard my 6 and 4 year old waking up for their day, and I just started to cry. What was I going to do? They deserved a happy mom. I had been a runner and lost 45lbs doing it, but it also took ALL of my womanly curves with it and I gained all the weight back when I stopped running as much, because I didn’t know how to eat properly. I had tried 3 different gyms, and I had tried every fad diet there was. Nothing was realistic for a long lasting lifestyle that I wanted, so I didn’t bother sticking to it.

Later that day, I was sitting on the couch, and I was scrolling Facebook (because I was exhausted and had no motivation to do anything else), a post popped up from a woman’s page I had been following for 3 years on social media. She had just had a baby two months prior, and her post was a picture of her results from a program called 21 Day Fix. At that exact moment, SOMETHING CLICKED!

I don’t know what it was, but after years of following her journey and her inviting me to challenge groups (and me saying ‘no, thank you’ or making excuses why I couldn’t), I just had a gut feeling that this was my sign, my chance to finally change the path I was on. I sent her a message and said tell me more about this program and how I can get it. I signed up for a Challenge Pack and joined her team so I could get a 25% discount. (Hey, I needed to change, but I am not going to turn down free savings… that is just silly!).

My life has changed SO much since that day. I went from being a stay at home mom who felt guilty 95% of the time that her husband had to foot the bills, to a work from home Mom who gets to raise her boys while getting in shape (and get paid for it!), and who gets to bring positivity and healthy habits into her family to create a better future. And now I get to give that same opportunity to ANYONE who wants the same thing for their life! How freaking awesome is that?!

Looking forward to getting to know you, and helping you find what you’re looking for!

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