Day 5- Is it really Friday already?!

Day 5- Is it really Friday already?!


Good morning!  Woke up feeling energized and rested today!  Truthfully couldn’t believe that it was Friday already.  I thought this program would make the days go so slow, but it actually did the opposite!

Day 5 was filled with ups and downs. I would have a ton of energy one second and be ready to tackle my To-Do list, and then in the next second I would be sitting down wondering where all that urge went. It made for a very tiring day.  I felt achy and cloudy-headed (I make my own words up, don’t mind me) and just confused with the highs and lows all day.

We kinda made our own menu with substitutions because we really wanted those Tempeh Sushi rolls for dinner again (told you, they are addicting!).  We made the Egg breakfast, but realized afterwards that we weren’t supposed to have eggs past day 4…oops. Oh well, it was delicious and it isn’t like I poured a bowl of Lucky Charms or something, right?

Overall, I felt full and satisfied, never really “hungry” at meal time, just ate until I had enough and drank my gallon of water all day.  I had a lot of people ask me if I was still drinking my shakeology every day, and the answer is yes!  I LOVE my Shakeology, but in order to follow the program, I switched to Vegan Chocolate Shakeology.  I add frozen strawberries and flax seeds to a scoop of vegan chocolate Shakeology with distilled water and ice, blend it all up and it is an ice cold Chocolate Covered Strawberry cup of Heaven!  Definitely cures any sweet tooth cravings I would have otherwise!


Breakfast: Steamed Spinach/Kale with 2 Scrambled eggs and a piece of Whole Grain Toast

IMG_3941 2

Lunch: Microgreen Salad with QuinoaIMG_4061

Dinner: Tempeh Sushi rolls with Miso Soup


This is the first weekend of this program, so I am a tad nervous about being out and about and staying on track, but we have our meals planned out, and honestly I don’t have an urge for any other food than what we have planned!  So I will keep my water with me at all times, and look forward to our meals :)



Ultimate Reset – Day 5.

Probably the most “normal” day of the week so far for me. I got outside to get some yard work done, which was nice, but I paid for it later with an extra hungry feeling that annoyed me. I will say that I did not drink enough of my water so that probably had more to do with it than me being active.

It’s like a very sloooow slope upward, but I’ll take anything that works. Funny though when Sam was talking about how she felt. How everyone talks about how they feel. That rundown, beat up, etc. stuff. To me that’s a Herx reaction. What is that? That’s when your body kills off so much bad shit at once, the bad shit just flows through and makes you feel crappy. I’ve been through several Herx’s with Lyme and it’s pretty accurate. Your body is destroying all those built toxins and it takes time for that shit to get out… so you feel rundown. 

We did the sushi and miso for dinner – added an extra roll and split it. That stuff is so good.

My worry was not having my normal Friday night of a few beers, some music, some shows. But I managed. I’m an OCD numbers guy so I have my own little ways of getting through the hard times. I’ll post them eventually to give you all a good laugh.

But I stay the same as the rest of the days… the food is A++++
The worst part is feeling beat up and trying to fill in the gaps of time.

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