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Join Team Rise to Shine



When you hear clean eating and exercise, you automatically assume people are “dieting” so they can lose weight and see a specific number on the scale, right?

Well, if you have never been on a health and fitness JOURNEY, it makes sense that is what you would think… I used to!

Being on this journey for almost a year now, yes I have learned how to eat the right foods and supplements to fuel my body so I could achieve my results with exercise. But what you can’t SEE is the internal journey that has been going on as well.

There is a mental WAR that rages on in your head… you feel weak, tired, like you have too far to go, you don’t BELIEVE that you can achieve your goal, and you have skeptics and doubters SPEAKING those words to you. It is SO DAMN EASY to just give up and SURRENDER to those thoughts and naysayers!Real People. Real Success.

The war begins when you CHOOSE to FIGHT BACK! 
I have SEEN the mental struggles the men and women I have helped face everyday. They are hiding their depression, financial struggles, relationship issues, parenting stresses, and so much more. They NEED someone in their corner who BELIEVES in them enough to give them a plan that suits their needs, who will be there everyday to check on them to make sure they are following that plan, and who will be there to remind them that they CAN win the war.

That is what a Coach is. I have the PRIVILEGE of BELIEVING in other people before they are strong enough to believe in themselves. No one should ever have to fight a war alone. This community of people uplifting each other is what this world needs! Stop trying to find a quick fix to lose 20-30lbs (bc there are millions of products that will help you do that over and over again every time you gain it back), but you will never win the WAR until you work on your inner strength with positive people who know your issues and know how to empower you when you are ready to surrender.


I am so blessed to have Team Rise to Shine linking arms with me to pursue our purpose of teaching that healthy and happy doesn’t have to mean skinny and deprived. Our mission has provided my family a living that allows us FREEDOM we may never have had otherwise!

I love every single person that comes to me for help, because they open up their hearts and struggles and it fuels my passion to help them feel the way they DESERVE to feel-


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