Day 2- Why did I decide to do this?!

Day 2- Why did I decide to do this?!


I slept ALL night last night… First time in almost a year! No waking up, no bad dreams, nothing. It was glorious, especially after I went to bed slightly proud/annoyed with myself.  Proud that I did not give in to any temptations to grab a hand full of cheez-its, proud that  I did not dive head first into the box of cookies.  But so so annoyed that my mind fought that battle ALL day.  Why can’t I just say ‘I don’t want that’ and make my mind shut off?  It’s embarrassing.  It makes me feel gross for not being in control completely.  But nevertheless, I am proud that I stayed strong.  Hoping that continues for the next 19 days.

On the bright side, I woke up, and after a full 24 hours of nothing but water and delicious clean foods, I lost 5 lbs of bloat since yesterday morning! Now I know that number will fluctuate and I don’t give it any power, but it gives me the strength to make it through today easier!

Here are our meals for the day:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries and organic yogurt
IMG_3956Lunch: Greek Salad with Grilled Salmon

IMG_3961Dinner: Black bean and brown rice with corn on a corn tortilla w/ pico de gallo
IMG_3966Dinner looks so deceiving, but it was so filling, and there was extra rice and bean mixture that didn’t fit in the shell that I was able to eat also.  One of my new favorite meals!!

Can’t wait for Day 3 to have eggs and toast (Mmmmm Carbs!! haha)  Good night!



Day One is behind me. The brain fog was pretty intense – reminded me of the bad days of Lyme. Which means the intense brain fog is nothing but nasty toxins floating their way around.

The food is insanely good. The portions are bigger than I thought. Today seems a little skimpy but that could be mind over matter. The nori rolls we made were better than take out.
My greatest fear was going close to 14 hours without eating food. I’m 14 minutes away from breakfast and I’m honestly not even that hungry.
The psychological thing is the hardest. Your brain trying to convince your body you’re going to starve when you’re not. Amazing how our brains make us the most advanced species ever yet it’s one of our biggest enemies.
You cannot let your mind win.
I slept like crap last night, tossing and turning all night. That’s my own issues with too much on my mind. I’ll sort through that mess as I go along here. 

20 days to go.

Amazing food all day. I am in disbelief at the food I’m eating right now. The nighttime snack is hard to not have… but I’m still stuffed from dinner over 90 minutes ago.

Two thumbs up here.


>>>>>>Day 3<<<<<<

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  107. A “woman cave,” you say?… must … resist …I’d like to explore the depths of HER “woman cave!” Heyo!…Sorry. I can’t resist an easy setup. In all seriousness, though, I think you’ve brought to light an important fact: Most of that stuff (if not all of it) goes both ways. And if people are enlightened enough to understand that the desire to stray has nothing to do with your gender, maybe people will start being a little less ridiculous. One can only hope.

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